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History of King Gambrinus Day

Originating in Europe, King Gambrinus is known as a culture hero and is often represented as the icon for beer and the brewing industry. Many know him as the “patron saint of beer.”

  While Gambrinus has been representing beer for centuries through his appearance, there is little known about the historical figure. 

Some people attribute the invention of hopped malt-beer to an individual named Sans Peur. Sans Peur, who lived form 1371 to 1419, was also know as Ganbrivius. A slight corruption of the name might hav…

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Another fun night in Palm Springs!! (at Villagefest - Palm Springs Weekly Street Fair)

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Meet  Ioanna Ypodimatopoulou of Fem_Ales in Greece

Located in Thessaloniki in Greece, Ioanna spends the majority of her time teaching women about different varieties of beers and writing for her blog, Fem_Ales. In addition to blogging about beer, she writes articles for a popular Greek wine magazine. 

Since Ioanna started drinking, she has encountered both “the best and worst beers.” Ioanna claims to have a passion for “tasty American IPA beers.” She was also recently introduced to Craft beers, which she loves!

According to Ioanna, the American brewery life i…

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