About Stella Divina

What’s a recently graduated student to do when faced with their first notices of monthly support to be paid to Sallie Mae, and the vast list of other student loan vendors?


Stella Divina began during one Holiday Shopping Season. My student loans had just come into repayment and I knew that I had to start thinking in the fall, and get super-uber-creative to be able to satisfy my holiday shopping list.

So I combined my skills, creativity, and imagination, and came up with some of the coolest handmade gifts. It turned out that everybody wanted one. And so did their kids. And their uncles. And their brother who is a homebrewer. And their secretary who loves local wines. You get the picture. And with that, Stella Divina was born.

Through this venture, I am using all sorts of skills that I learned during my incredible education at Chatham University – the school that really did make me a “world ready woman.”